The peel is applied in our office as a medicated mask.  The mask is applied evenly to the desired area – face and neck - and then the client will continue to wear the mask for up to 8 hours.  Approximately 2 days later, the skin will begin to peel or flake.  Your skin condition will determine the amount of flaking/peeling to expect.  As with your daily regime, a sunscreen is strongly recommended each day. 

The benefits of this peel include the reduction of discoloration and improvement in the appearance of fine lines, skin tone/texture and an increased stimulation of collagen production.  Any side effects are minimal – redness and peeling. 

Please arrange for a complimentary consultation for any concerns or questions as to how this treatment will work with your skincare goals, but most definitely if you have past experience with active rosacea, cold sores, warts or use of Accutane within six months of your scheduled appointment.